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The forum is closed

After a long, difficult think about what to do with this site in the wake of GDPR, I have made the decision to sadly close the forum.

I know this is sad news to many of you as you’ve done amazing things through this forum, like forging friendships, embarking on projects for Tim’s birthday and sharing experiences and photos with each other.

The decision has ultimately come down to a couple of factors. As many people have probably realised, I’m no longer really active on the site and haven’t been for a while now due to personal reasons and looking into things as they stand now, I’m seeing a forum that’s receiving a post a day, if that. The active vibrant community that once thrived has now moved away to Tumblr, Twitter and other places.

The other factor is GDPR. The forum ran on old software, that I didn’t trust to be fully secure and there was no way to update it. Based on the most recent visitors to the site, I can see that most of them are bots trying to brute force some sort of data breach, and I didn’t want to have to inform you that your accounts have been compromised.

Thanks for joining in over the years. It’s been fun.